Morgan & Julie Marriage Proposal at Soma Craft Cidery & Alpaca Farm in Kelowna BC Canada

Filming a proposal so the fianc√© to be doesn’t know what is happening is an exercise of secrecy. From coming up with a backstory as to why I am there, to secretly miking up the groom to be, It all takes a lot of planning. Not only that, I only have 1 chance to capture this moment. It’s all such a rush that I absolutely love to film. You’re not going to get this kind of memory with photos alone. this moment can now be re-lived for the rest of their lives.

If you’d like to book your proposal video, don’t hesitate to book now!

Also, If you are interested in the location of this proposal, feel free to check out their website below! They are a Cidery & Alpaca Farm located in Kelowna BC, Canada. Not only can you get some incredible drinks, appies, and food there, you can also interact, feed and pet the Alpacas! What more could you want!?


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